Jewish Community Security, Inc. (JCSI) was established to ensure the safety and security of the metropolitan Detroit Jewish community.   
Members of our security team have been working to keep the Detroit Jewish Community safe since 2006. Our highly trained and experienced officers are stationed at Jewish Day Schools, summer camps, campuses and buildings throughout the community. JCSI collaborates with local and national law enforcement entities as well as the Secure Community Network and Jewish community security programs across the region.  
Our team assists Jewish institutions across the community by providing consultation, education, and training to instill a culture of vigilance and safety.  
The safety and well-being of the Detroit Jewish Community is our number one priority. 

JCSI’s Community Security Plan includes:


Providing enhanced physical protection and target hardening such as access control, bollards, and cameras along with additional security patrols.


Increasing physical security personnel at Jewish agencies, synagogues, schools and camps.


Providing ongoing training to existing security and agency personnel so everyone is better equipped to respond to threats.

In total, the JCSI is responsible for protecting a community of roughly 80,000 Jewish people spread across 183 square miles and more than 17 distinct Jewish organizations that occupy almost 1,200 apartments, camp buildings, recreational spaces, school spaces and administrative offices. The JCSI also protects 45 synagogues, which are often sought out by those who would seek to harm the Jewish community.


Jewish Community Security has produced a guide to provide information to the police and others concerning the requirements of practicing Jews. It has been designed to further your knowledge and understanding of the Jewish community and provide practical assistance within the context of operational policing and security. This is not a definitive guide, but offers introductory insight into some of the Jewish community’s customs, laws, and traditions.

FREquently Asked Questions

Jewish Community Security, Inc. is the primary security organization serving the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit, Federation Agencies, and the Metro Detroit Jewish Community. Jewish Community Security, Inc. works to ensure the safety and security of the metropolitan Detroit Jewish community.

Jewish Community Security, Inc. employs a team of highly trained security officers who collectively bring many years of law enforcement and military experience. Members of the team have been serving the Detroit Jewish Community since 2006.

In addition to the presence of our trained security officers, we employ a variety of state-of-the-art technologies and protocols as ongoing preventive measures. JCSI also prepares for rapid crisis response in coordination with the Jewish Federation and additional community partners.

For immediate emergency response, always contact 911. Please immediately report the following to your local police department and then to Jewish Community Security, Inc.:
• Suspicious activities, items, people, and vehicles
• Unusual incidents
• Dangerous situations
• Suspicious communications (phone calls, voicemail messages, test messages, emails, letters, packages, etc.)

Great question! Security programs and initiatives across the entire Metro Detroit Jewish Community are primarily funded by the Jewish Federation’s Annual Campaign. By making a yearly contribution—at whatever level is meaningful—you are actively helping keep our community safe.



What to Report

Please report incidents as soon as you witness them, first to your local law enforcement agency and then to us. For immediate response, please call 911.

We partner with the community and other agencies (local, county, state, and federal law enforcement, ADL, and Secure Community Network) to identify and collect all information that affects our community, including Anti-Semitic behavior and acts. Please use this form to report all suspicious activity and Anti-Semitic acts. This information will be reviewed and shared with our partners for action and resolution.

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